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    Freelance writer/ ordinary geek finding her feet. You'll find that her mind is a bag of all sorts, and that'll be reflected here. Feel free to give constructive criticism, trolls will be forced to pay the bridge toll. You can find her written video games reviews and news at http://escapingirl.wordpress.com/ or follow her twitter for all sorts of hijinks https://twitter.com/escapingirl
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So, you, me, myself and I.

So originally this space was intended for just my written work, but because, A; I am incredibly scatty, and B; Time is a rare thing these days, I have come to the conclusion that this space here shall commence as my life blog. It shall be filled with things that I am up to, doing … Continue reading

Teaser for my written work: The fall

I pull on my trousers, tight, leather. Do the straps. Then boots. Laces. Top. Arm bracers. It’s always this order. Then my belt, the sheath. My sword. Fuck it. I pull tighter on my under bust, I prefer tight lacing these days, pulls in the flesh, makes me less of a target. It’s harder to … Continue reading

flash fiction exercise: future

3 hours from now, I’ll lie, gasping parched air into painful lungs. 3 hours from now, the haunting aftermath of tectonic rebellion will have moved the skyline, and the streets will run in dust and blood. 3 hours from now, my shattered body will reflect my shattered life. 3 hours from now, broadcast live, the world … Continue reading

Flash fiction:1

Crack. You beat me, and quite frankly I don’t think I deserve this, I mean, I don’t even know you! You opened up the door, and you knew straight away what you wanted to do. Break me. Sure, it could have been anyone; we all look the same by any measure. But now my insides … Continue reading